Today we continue on introducing the range of suppliers and products that we represent in Queensland.

Unistrut Australia

Unistrut®, the premier name in electrical and metal support solutions and the inventor of the popular metal framing system, has been designing and manufacturing products in Australia for over 50 years. During that time, Unistrut® has consistently delivered superior performance in design, engineering, distribution and customer service to the Australian market.

As part of a world-wide leading manufacturer Atkore International, UNISTRUT® provides an even greater range of electrical and mechanical support systems for the Australian market.

  • Strut systems
  • Brackets
  • Beam Clamps
  • Steel and Aluminium Cable tray and Ladder
  • Cable tray and Ladder fittings and accessories
  • Wire Basket tray
  • Cable ducting
  • Cable cleats
  • Pipe supports
  • ABS High impact Conduit


VYNCO is one of New Zealand’s largest Manufacturers and distributors of electrical and air movement products. Their product range includes:

  • Switchgear
  • GPO’s
  • Air Movement
  • Conduit Systems
  • Lighting
  • Industrial plugs and sockets
  • Temp power products.

An affordable, powerful hub linking the appliances in your home; all controlled from your phone.

  • Security
  • Energy Management and Lighting Control
  • Comfort and entertainment
  • Voice or App activated
  • Google home and Alexa integration
  • home automation

Light Mounting Systems

LIGHT MOUNTING SYSTEMS (LMS) AUSTRALIA has developed an innovative range of industrial strength lighting brackets which improve both the cost effectiveness and safety of lighting installations and maintenance.

Light Mounting Systems (LMS) Australia has drawn on its staffs extensive background and experience in the electrical installation field in the development of these standard brackets. All brackets are structurally designed in accordance with AS4100-1998, wind loads assessed in accordance with AS/NZS1170.2-2011.

Air Additions

Air Additions is the key supply chain for the commercial, industrial and residential HVAC industry across Australia and New Zealand. As a HVAC distributor we offer a comprehensive range of Air Diffusion equipment including grilles, diffusers, flexible duct and accessories. The business is committed to HVAC industry and always adding innovative products in Air Movement.

  • Flexible Ducting                       
  • Branch Take Offs & Y-Pieces
  • Grilles & Diffusers
  • Dampers & Volume Control Dampers
  • Sheetmetal
  • Zone Control
  • Copper Pair Coil
  • Installation Accessories

MM&S and Redback Ladders

Managed Marketing and Sales, designs, manufactures, distributes and services the Electrical Wholesale Industry with superior value. Since our entry into the Electrical Wholesale Industry in 1990, MM&S has distinguished itself from competitors with a unique business approach based on Service, Quality and Innovation.

With a strong and extensive wholesale network, MM&S can provide the electrical Industry with Safety Labelling solutions. MM&S is 100% Australian owned and operated.

Redback Ladders manufacture quality fibreglass ladders at a competitive price. Our ladders carry an industrial rating of 150kg and are manufactured to Australian and New Zealand Standards. Each model is independently tested by a NATA approved lab.

  • Single sided step ladders
  • Double sided step ladders
  • Extension ladders
  • Platform ladder
  • Dual Purpose
  • Standard Heavy-Duty Test Tags
  • Customised Heavy-Duty Test Tags
  • Flag Style Heavy Duty Test Tags
  • Logbook & Accessories
  • Warning Sign for Recess Lights
  • Warning & Speciality Tags
  • Wrap-around & RCD Test Tags
  • Danger Heavy Duty Labels
  • Miscellaneous Labels
  • Lockout Heavy Duty Tags

Since 2010 X-Rust has specialised in the prevention, protection and preservation of commercial and industrial assets from corrosion. We specify, supply and support proven materials technology designed to protect metals from corrosion across various industry sectors. With our own product range and the best from around the globe we offer innovative corrosion protection solutions for most applications with a focus on vapor corrosion inhibitors, specialised packaging, high performance desiccant and environmentally friendly coatings.

  • Gun cleaner and oil
  • Vapor capsules
  • Underbody Coatings
  • Firearm vapor capsules
  • Rifle bags
  • High Performance Desiccant
  • Storage tubes
  • Storage bags
  • Car bags
  • Motor bike bags
  • Fishing bags

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