Braid & Co Distribution are proud to announce that we now offer specialised light mounting products from Light Mounting Systems Australia. This fantastic Australian company has been designing and manufacturing a large range of hinged poles and accessories from their Newcastle facility and supplying some of the largest projects in Australia. Contact Peter at Braid & Co for a quote.

LIGHT MOUNTING SYSTEMS (LMS) AUSTRALIA has developed an innovative range of industrial strength lighting brackets which improve both the cost effectiveness and safety of lighting installations and maintenance.

Light Mounting Systems (LMS) Australia has drawn on its staffs extensive background and experience in the electrical installation field in the development of these standard brackets. All brackets are structurally designed in accordance with AS4100-1998, wind loads assessed in accordance with AS/NZS1170.2-2011.

  • Designed with modern OH&S requirements in mind. Safety standards on modern sites has created the need for light mounting brackets which allow fittings to be installed and maintained without the need of specialised equipment to ensure personal safety.
  • Designed with safe, easy and rigid installation as an objective. A safe, fast installation is an economical installation.
  • Designed with minimum maintenance cost. Maintenance of light fittings in many locations requires ladders and safety harnesses. Eliminating the need for these items makes maintenance easier, quicker and safer.
  • Rugged galvanised design. Increasing durability and reducing maintenance costs.

In addition to Light Mounting Systems lighting brackets, they offer a range of Reel Tech Remote Lighting Lifter products. The Remote Lighting Lifter products provide a safe, fast and convenient method for maintaining all types of lights. The system automatically switches off the light and electronically disconnects when lowered, thereby eliminating the possibility of electric shocks.

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